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  1. Feeling of intense and deep satisfaction
  2. Something that entertains or produces joy
  3. Sensual gratification produced by something
  4. An event or activity from which one derives enjoyment

Pleasure can be defined as a positive, pleasant or even euphoric sensation or feeling which is experienced by satisfying a need or achieving an objective. The digital era has generated a new form and spectrum of sensory and simulated pleasures, along with the possibility of enjoying them through different platforms in an immediate way.

The concept of hedonism, the pursuit of pleasure as the ultimate goal of human existence, and its relationship with the technological and digital world is a reflection that currently occupies a significant place in contemporary artistic practices. In what way has digitalization facilitated a greater and more immediate connection with hedonism, and how can contemporary artistic practices simulate and generate discourses that evoke this natural search for the sensation of pleasure? How much do we depend on digitalization to evoke pleasurable sensations, and how are artistic practice and methodology molded in this same frame?

In its 8th edition, MIRA Digital Arts Festival presents a new exhibition project at the Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona – Fabra i Coats. “THE SEARCH FOR (modern) PLEASURE” is an exhibition that explores the notion of pleasure within the digital era and delves into the concept of art as a catalyst for experiences, emotions, sensations and stimuli that evoke and promote a hedonistic vision of the human condition.

The exhibition collects the work of different artists and international collectives who explore the methodology of artistic creation as a process that depends on the digitalization and technologization of everyday life and, with a critical approach, pursue the search for visual, sensory and experiential pleasure.

The artistic concept of this edition of MIRA Digital Arts Festival, which promotes and strengthens the union between art and technology, seeks to explore pleasure as a means of artistic expression. The festival programme revolves around the new positions of art in regards to hedonism, and both its graphic campaign and the exhibition approach and display a broad sample of these possibilities.

Claire Tolan and Kirsten Lepore present “The State of ShuSH” and “Hi Stranger” respectively. Both artists explore ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), a neologism that refers to the cyberculture phenomenon, and which is characterized by experiencing a pleasant bodily sensation that causes warmth and relaxation, in response to various visual and auditory stimuli.

Brooke Candy presents “I Love You”, her directorial debut and her first film in collaboration with PornHub. “I Love You” is about empowerment, diversity and sexual liberation. The piece will be accompanied by a series of cuts from the production of the film, as well as some edited shots.

Multidisciplinary artist Filip Custic develops a piece that represents the idea of earthly pleasure and to satisfy the human mystery of the search for life outside Earth, through the use of photography, digital editing and sculptural design. It is a search to overcome banal pleasure and find “teachings” in universal values and their relationship with digitalization and technology.

Carlos Sáez presents “Hardware Fetiche”, an installation of sculptures and discarded machinery, creating objects related to the idea of relic or totem. The idea is based on preserving and admiring that which has fulfilled its function in history and transforming it into objects of desire, as well as amulets or fetishes, even when stripped of its usefulness.

Virgen María (aka María Forqué) will carry out a series of performances with live music during the three days of the festival, while Faith Holland and Maria Roy present “Visual Orgasms” and “Buzz” respectively. Their different works evoke sexual experience through eroticism or the critical positioning of sexuality as an experience exploited by digital and technological means.

Marie Munk and Stine Deja present a piece from their “Synthetic Seduction” series and Esmay Wagemans presents “New Humanities”. Both pieces explore the sculptural dimension as a stimulus of bodily sensations and manage to blur the line between the fiction represented by AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and the authenticity of the human body.

Digital art studio FIELD present “Forays: Scan I-IV Collection”, courtesy of Sedition. Four computer-generated pieces that explore shape, materials, colours, mobility and how new technologies can fuse the abstract and the figurative form, sensual perception and synesthetic experiences.

Keiken featuring AGF HYDRA, George Jasper Stone and Suzannah Pettigrew in collaboration with sound artist Nati Cerutti present “Honey, I’m Data!”, an adaptation of their performative lecture, in which they navigate the realms of “Digital Pleasure”. Their video/sound installation unfolds the implications of artificial intelligence for the traditional human narratives of reality, fact, fiction and pleasure in a techno-capitalist society.

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