Shackleton + Anika

Shackleton + Anika present BEHIND THE GLASS LIVE A/V with PEDRO MAIA (UK - PT)

⏱️ Saturday 11

Two musical phenomena have joined forces and together with a visual artist the formula is complete for a spectacular LIVE A/V that will be seen for the first time in Spain at MIRA 2017. On the musical side we find Shackleton, a fundamental pillar of the UK scene with more than a decade of know-how as producer and composer, and Anika, an enigmatic singer with a powerful voice.
Together they have created ‘Behind The Glass’ (Woe to The Septic Heart, 2017), a phenomenal album released this July that is filled with emotion and complexity from start to finish. They will be accompanied on stage by Pedro Maia, who will craft the visual part of the show with a set of daring projections of experimental cuts and inspiring 4D cinema.