MIRA Live Visual Arts Festival

Since 2011, MIRA festival is an international placeholder in the visual arts calendar bringing new creations, unexpected symbiosis, knowledge transfer and opportunities to ensure musical and visual artistic collaborations. It’s a cultural event that bases its proposal in three connected areas: exhibition, divulgation and education.

What differentiates MIRA from other festivals and cultural activities is the ability to interweave the visual and music elements to transform them into a unique and immersive experience for the public. Since 2016, the festival has a Berlin edition, to take place on June, 11th, at the Funkhaus.

MIRA encourages AV collaborations, enables the emergence of new projects and supports relationships between collectives, associations and individuals linked with visual creation and technology, thus the non-profit organization feature and the volunteering participation make the outputs to be reinvested in promoting an attractive and sustainable culture.

Previous editions

Oriol Pastor

Content Design
Oriol Pastor & David Domingo

Visual Booking
David Domingo

Music Booking
Pere Martí

Oriol Pastor

Social Media and Web Content 
Marc Gomariz

Marta Ruiz

Teresa Vallbona

Image Coordination
Aida Rodríguez

Account Managing
Fran Sales

Production and Logistics
Ferran Artigas & Bruno Fàbregas

Stage Design
Device & Ferran Artigas

Volunteering Recruit
Marc Gomariz

Graph Design