Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets for MIRA 2017 can be bought on our website and in Discos Paradiso.

You can read the general conditions here.

These are the types of tickets:

  • 3 Days Full Pass – 9,10,11 November at Fabra i Coats – 65€ + fee
  • 2 Days Full Pass – 10,11 November at Fabra i Coats – 55€ + fee
  • Thursday Ticket – 9 November at Fabra i Coats – 20€ + fee
  • Friday Ticket – 10 November at Fabra i Coats – 32€ + fee
  • Saturday Ticket – 11 November at Fabra i Coats – 32€ + fee
  • Ticket for GAS A/V show – 7 November at L’Auditori – 20€ + fee

* If you already have the Full Pass (both 3 or 2 days) you’ll get a 50% discount. Send us an email to info@mirafestival.com with your name and we’ll give you the discount code.

  • Ticket for WORKSHOP ‘LED mapping and expressive lighting control with ProtoPixel’ – 8,9 November at Fabra i Coats




How do I get to MIRA?

You can get to MIRA 2017 using public transport or private car. The venue doesn’t have a parking for private cars. We recommend using the different ways of public transport:


Carrer Sant Adrià, 20 (Sant Andreu)

08030 Barcelona

How to get there:

Metro: L1 (Sant Andreu)

Bus: 11, 40, 73, 126 and N9

Train: Sant Andreu Comtal

Bicing: Malats, pl. Orfila, pl. Estació 12,

Gran de Sant Andreu 99-97 i pl. Sol dels Paletes, 3

If you come by car the nearest public parking is in:

08030, Carrer del Segre, 30, 08030 Barcelona



Where do I change my ticket for the wristband?

With the Ticket on your smartphone or already printed, we’ll give you the wristband to enter Fabra i Coats (or L’Auditori for the opening concert) the same day of the festival.

If I can’t come and I’ve buyed a ticket, can I give it to a friend?

Yes, you can give the ticket to another person.

Do I have to come with the ticket printed?

You can print it or bring it on your smartphone.

Can I access the festival with kids? Can I access if I am under-age?

Kids under 12 years old (included) will be able to access the venue for free accompanied by parent/s or legal tutor. From 13 to 15 years old they will pay the ticket but will have to be accompanied by parent/s or legal tutor. From 16 years old will be able to access into the venue with no authorization needed. In case the person accompanying the under-age being the parent/s or legal tutor they will have to show the ID and Family Book or a legal document stating the relationship with the under-age. In case the person accompanying the under-age not being neither the parent/s nor the legal tutor, he/she will have to show an authorization signed by the parent/s or legal tutor, along with a photocopy of the parent/s or legal tutor’s ID and the Family Book. In both cases, the responsible for the under-age will have to sign a document exonerating any kind of responsibility for the festival promoters, to be given in the entrance of the venue.

Is there a wardrobe service? And a lost objects point?

There is a limited capacity wardrobe. Once the limit reached, we won’t be able to offer the service until there’s space to keep. Service costs 1€ per item.

If you have lost an object in the venue, you can go to the wardrobe and ask if it’s been left there. If it hasn’t, send us an email to info@mirafestival.com with a description of the lost object and we’ll help you if found it.

If during the festival you find an object not belonging to you, please leave it in the wardrobe so we can give it back to the owner.

Where can I find the Program/Schedule?

Check out the program and schedule here. During the festival you’ll find printed hand programs.

Will there be food vending in the festival?

Yes, this year we are enlarging the food vending area with more food trucks and culinary options. Besides, we will offer different types of Estrella Galicia premium beer and gluten-free, as well as Torres wines and Perrier sparkly water.

How can I pay?

You will be able to pay cash and with credit card in the drink ticket area, food vending area and ticket selling area.

Can I bring drinks or food?

It is not allowed to enter the festival with drinks or food.

Where can I stay in Barcelona?

We recommend you to visit our profile on Journeyhop.

Are there architectonical barriers for disabled people?

No, the venue is prepared and equipped with lifts and ramps for people using wheelchairs. If you need to use the lifts, please let us know in the festival entrance, in the tickets selling area and we’ll tell you how to help you reach the upper floors of the venue.

Can I volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering during the festival, please send an email to personal@mirafestival.com.

For any further doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@mirafestival.com.