Ben Zamora

Ben Zamora presents 'The Hollow Features of What Remains' INSTALLATION (US)

Ben Zamora is one of the great creators of digital arts worldwide. This American artist, whose work is based on light and who in recent years has developed his talent for creating dialogues between the viewer and their environment, has produced sculptures, performances, artistic stage pieces and visual art, and has exhibited them all over the world with exceptional results.

This genius comes to MIRA 2017 commissioned by the festival to exclusively premiere ‘The Hollow Features of What Remains’, an intense immersive light installation consisting of dozens of fluorescent tubes focused on memory, time, and perception, and arranged in a composition which is simultaneously transparent and solid. The tubes are programed to shift on and off, expanding and contracting, creating larger and smaller spaces and new dynamic relationships. With moments of extreme darkness and fleeting sparks of intensity, we are left to process each programmed event comparing what we think we saw, what actually occurred, and how our mind compensates and alters reality. The audience will be an important part of the work since the objective is that the Fabra i Coats room where it will be located will become an autonomous digital world.